Precision Crafted Trimmer Blades – 3 pack

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Designed to fit any gauge of The Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer.  These blades are made from high carbon steel with a water jet precision cut.  Each blade is hand sharpened and strapped on leather to provide a razor sharp edge.  Easy installation into the Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmers.

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Designed to fit any gauge of The Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer.  These blades are made from high carbon steel with a water jet precision cut.  Each blade is hand sharpened and strapped on leather to provide a razor sharp edge.  Easy installation into the Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmers.

Reviews (171)

171 reviews for Precision Crafted Trimmer Blades – 3 pack

  1. G


  2. RW

    Randy Williams

    They do cut.

  3. BL

    Bennett L Painter

    Haven’t used them yet,but they work great on the hull trimmer

  4. FH

    Forrest H.

    these blades sure beat my home made trimmer and blade made from a #11 exacto blade attached to a 12 gauge diameter dowel…. I dropped the home made trimmer and the blade got me in the lower leg. The blade on the CRS trimmer is concealed behind a blade guard and, if so desired, is hidden from contact with the user. A+++!

    Image #1 from Forrest H.
  5. SW

    Stephen Warren

  6. AM

    Andre M.

  7. DW

    Darryl W. Sick

  8. SK

    Sandy K.

  9. SC

    Shawn C.

  10. TH

    Tom H.

  11. D


  12. WW

    Wyatt Woods

    As promised theses product are built with quality and performance imglad I discovered your products!

  13. MM

    Michael Moran

  14. BW

    Bill Williams

  15. MR

    Matthew R.

    Ni ely packaged. Have not used them yet but I’m sure they will be high quality.

  16. EM

    Eric Milks

    I haven’t needed any of the replacement blades but if they are of the same quality as the trimmer I’m sure they will do an excellent job.

  17. AS

    Al S.

  18. DR

    Dan Roy

  19. HV

    Hugues Venne

  20. EB

    Emmett Breitigam

  21. A


  22. L


  23. AB

    Alan B.

    have not used yet

  24. GK

    Greg Kasubaski

    Awesome professional customer service. Would order again. Thank you for such a great tool for my reloading hobby. Won’t know what I would do without it. Thanks again.

  25. SJ

    Steven J

  26. S


    Great product.

  27. HE

    Henry Erwin

  28. HH

    Harry Hardesty


  29. JP

    John P.

    Haven’t needed to replace any blades as of yet but if they work like the original, I expect they’ll perform like the blade originally installed in the trimmer.

  30. TD

    Terry Durham

    Great trimmer great service. Excellent to deal with. Will do business with them again.9

  31. TM

    Tony M.

    Looks just like the original

  32. R


  33. B


  34. DT

    David Tuning

    Look to be quality. Have not used any yet.

  35. BO

    Bob Olsen

    Should last a long time.

  36. JT

    Jason Tuttle

  37. RH

    Rob Hanning

    They work great and seem to last

  38. MC

    Mel C.

  39. RF

    Robert Flakus

  40. W


  41. NH

    Neil Hunt

  42. RH

    Rob H.

    Nice having replacement

  43. JP

    John Piccioni

  44. A


  45. CB

    Craig B.

  46. CC

    Charles C Ellis

    The entire trimmer is the best, but the blades make the instrument.

  47. GV

    Greg V.

  48. JP

    John Piccioni

  49. KB

    Ken Beatty

    Very sharp. Love having extra blades just in case

  50. T


  51. O


  52. RD

    Richard Dryer

    Great Service!!!!!

  53. CK

    Carl K.

    I’m still using the original shipped in my trimmer! They seem to hold an edge really well!

  54. RG

    Richard G.

  55. VB

    Verified Buyer

    Works as directed

  56. MF

    Mark F.

  57. JL

    Jon Littlehale

  58. RJ

    Randolph J.

    Great replacement blades

  59. RR

    Robert Ruhl

    Rudy is definitely a stand up guy! Well made products that work great.

  60. JF

    Jeffrey F.

    Easy to use and makes all my shell the same lenght.

  61. GK

    Gregory Keith M.

  62. JC

    John C. Harvey

  63. T


  64. VB

    Verified Buyer

  65. JW

    Jack Wall

  66. JF

    James FELL

  67. WD

    Wayne D.


  68. BG

    Brad Greenly

  69. SD

    Steve Decker

  70. DS

    Denton S.

  71. JP

    James Prudente

  72. WW

    William Wood

    Well made and very sharp.

  73. KD

    Kevin Doran

    These blades cut the hulls easy

  74. M


  75. A


  76. SS

    Steve S.

  77. JW

    John Wilson

  78. R


    If you plan on using the trimmer a lot, you’ll want these on hand just in case.

  79. BB

    Bradley Breisch

  80. PT

    Peter Thomas

    A must to keep your hill trimmer performing

  81. ET

    Elane Tipton

    Sharp and handy!

  82. A


  83. A


  84. WB

    Wayne B.

  85. TT

    Trevor Tuminello

    I’m gonna give them a 5 star rating even though I haven’t used them yet just based off the fact that I have trimmed over 1,000 hulls with the blade that came with the trimmer, and have not had to sharpen it yet.

  86. DK

    David King

  87. ID

    Ira Detra

    Glad to have extras

  88. DK

    Dennis King

  89. S


  90. JJ

    Jim J.

  91. BK

    Bryan Knoblauch

  92. SS


  93. JF

    James Fell

    On line video helps simplify the install.

  94. SS

    Shawn Schaffner

    I’m very impressed with your products. Thank you!

  95. RS

    Robert Sheely

  96. WP

    William Preuss

  97. T


  98. TB

    Troy Branham

    Works as ai

  99. TC

    Tim Connaghan

  100. G


  101. T


    High end products that work in a superior fashion, the containers for the products are all better than usual. The smallest details are just magnificent!

  102. HH

    H.H. Prince Thomas

    Have not used them but they appear quite interesting and well made.

  103. JG

    John G.

  104. WC

    William Campbell

  105. BC

    Billy Campbell

  106. JV

    Jack Vaughan

    Nice packaging easy to use

  107. GC

    Gary C.

  108. CM

    Chris Mueller

  109. BD

    Bryan D.

  110. LM

    Lloyd M.

  111. TH

    Tim Holtz

  112. WS


    Sharp and performs as advertised.

  113. L


  114. E


    Haven’t used any yet, but appear to be of good quality.

  115. RS

    Richard Smith

    Same as the O-rings

  116. CD

    Craig D.

  117. A


  118. JK

    Jeff Kelly


  119. LL

    Lon Lauber

    Perfect replacement blades.

  120. M


  121. SD

    Sam D.

    Easy to install and they work great!

  122. GD

    Gilbert Deveau

  123. MM

    Marcus Mckinney

  124. R


    Works great, hulls reload great!

  125. DA

    David Abbott

  126. DS

    Dennis Stoneback

  127. BB

    Barry B.

  128. BT

    Barron Thiessen

  129. JD

    joseph dietz

  130. W


    Must have for a lifetime tool.

  131. DS

    David Scobbie

    Just in case needed in the future. Packaged great.

  132. MB

    Mark B.

    Another great product and the care in packaging is appreciated

  133. T


  134. PD

    Pat D.

    they look good

  135. JN


  136. BS

    Bruce S.

  137. SH

    Stephen Howe

  138. BM

    Berton Mark

  139. GM


  140. BP

    Bob P.

  141. JG

    Justin Griffith

    Excellent quality

  142. J


    All good. Online video showing how to disassemble is key to changing blades.

  143. RD

    Ron D.

    Always great to have extra blades. Look very sharp.

  144. DM

    Don McFarland

    I haven’t had to use one yet, but it’s nice to have them on hand and not have to wait for them to be shipped to me.

  145. BW

    Bill W.

  146. JS

    James S.

    Should have extra maintenance parts.

  147. GS

    Glenn Sowle

  148. RD


  149. S


    excellent product

  150. JR

    Joseph rich

    Works like A charm.

  151. SR

    Stoney Roberts

    Will see ordered for future use

  152. DB

    David Boles

  153. P


    Fantastic quality products, clear communication, timely shipping. Would 100% recommend. Love this community and its vendors. Never an issue.

  154. MR

    Mark R.

    Haven’t used them yet, but they are just like the one that is in there. I am sure they will work fine.

  155. TY

    Todd Young

  156. AB

    Alonzo B.

    Great product

  157. WH

    William Huffman

  158. JM

    John M.

    Absolutely a pleasure to deal with I have the punch and the Case Trimmer extremely high quality and works as expected.

  159. MW

    Michael W.

    I haven’t need to change the original blade yet though I’ve only done ~150 hulls with the original. Three will likely last a very long time as trimming is only done once per hull.

  160. CC

    Chris C.

    Sharp. Really sharp!!

  161. RB

    Richard Burns

    Nicely made .
    Made in USA.
    Always have a spare.

  162. DS

    David Sotkowy

    I see no reason they wouldn’t be as sharp as the originals, which haven’t gone dull yet.

  163. J


  164. WK

    William Kilkelly

    Haven’t had to replace one yet the one on the trimmer works great

  165. GC

    Gerald Cavanaugh

    3 blades.

  166. E


    only cut down 40 or so hulls so it is still sharp.

  167. DM

    Dennis Manske

  168. RS

    Randy S.

    Did not know that there was a blade already in the trimmer but that’s OK due to I always buy replacement parts.

  169. LI

    Loren Immken

    Set aside for now using the one it came with

  170. G


    Very sharp, Easy to change.

  171. B


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