The Ultimate Primer Punch – MEC

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*Does not fit any of the MEC 600 single stage machines*
*For MEC 600 single stage machines, see
the Ultimate Knockout – Threaded
or the Ultimate Knockout – Straight
Performs 5 Separate functions on station #1

– Deprimes
– Reconditions (Tightens) the Primer Pocket
– Swages the upper end of the hull
– Cleans the upper end of the hull
– Adjustable flare for opening crimp folds
– Exclusive Interchangeable Primer Punch Tips
– Completely Adjustable
– Black Oxide Finish
– Replaces the OEM punch on the MEC 9000, the MEC Grabber, the MEC Steel Master, the MEC Size Master

This Ultimate Primer Punch is an absolute must if you are looking to upgrade your reloading machine and make reloading easy.

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*Does not fit any of the MEC 600 single stage machines*
*For MEC 600 single stage machines, see the Ultimate Knockout – Threaded
or the Ultimate Knockout – Straight

Performs 5 Separate functions on station #1

– Deprimes
– Reconditions (Tightens) the Primer Pocket
– Swages the upper end of the hull
– Cleans the upper end of the hull
– Adjustable flare for opening crimp folds
– Exclusive Interchangeable Primer Punch Tips
– Completely Adjustable
– Black Oxide Finish
– Replaces the OEM punch on the MEC 9000, the MEC Grabber, the MEC Steel Master, the MEC Size Master

This Ultimate Primer Punch is an absolute must if you are looking to upgrade your reloading machine and make reloading easy.

117 reviews for The Ultimate Primer Punch – MEC

  1. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    This is a very well made piece. I’m impressed with its ability to tighten up primer pockets.

  2. Glenn K. (Verified Buyer)

    Works great and easy to install. Primers seat nicely and secure. Will recommend to others who reload.

    Image #1 from Glenn K.
  3. Lloyd Goldstein (Verified Buyer)

    Recently received both the .410 and 28 gauge sets, both obviously top quality. I’ve only loaded a few boxes of each, but was happy enough with the perfect performance of the usually balky .410 that I am today ordering 20 and 12 gauge sets.

  4. Leon Elwell (Verified Buyer)

  5. William Preuss (Verified Buyer)

    Works great in my Mec Steelmaster loading 3″ and 3 1/2″ shells. Love the adjustable flare for the empty hulls

  6. John C. (Verified Buyer)

    You need patience in getting it in place on a Grabber. I suggest looking at it and moving all of the adjustments to see how it works before you install it. Once adjusted it’s a 10!!!

  7. Howard P. (Verified Buyer)

    more info later have only done small test run and so far it
    is doing the i got it for with no problems

  8. Wiliam Haman (Verified Buyer)

    can’t figure out how deep to set it in order to resize the primer pocket

  9. John G. (Verified Buyer)

  10. Chris Mueller (Verified Buyer)

  11. Andrew P. (Verified Buyer)

    I bought a 12-ga and a 20-ga punch. The service was fast, and the products are well packaged. The instructions are brief, but to the point. Mounting the punch was as easy as loosening the factory nut, replacing the old punch with the new and making length adjustments. I haven’t loaded a large number of shells as yet, but the design appears sound for tightening the primer pocket. With the few that I’ve loaded thus far, I did noticed the mouth of the hull more easily accepted the insertion of the wad. I think the punch will do the job it’s designed for just fine.

  12. Gary R. (Verified Buyer)

    Sterling 410 shells have primers that come out very easily. your primer punch does a very good job tightening the primer seat.

  13. Bryan Knoblauch (Verified Buyer)

    Just installed the punch tonight ,I have once fired challenger hulls primer pockets seemed loose could push primmer all the way in. After using the punch it was amazing worked great pockets were tight as it should be . Easy to adjust a really great product.

  14. Lloyd M. (Verified Buyer)

  15. Tim Holtz (Verified Buyer)

    After receiving the Ultimate Primer Punch, I ran into an issue with my reloader. I reached out via email and that night, Rudy called me and walked me through a solution and on New Years Eve no less. Thank you for the best Customer Service I have ever gotten with a company!!!

  16. Ed Hlasney (Verified Buyer)

    Video of installation “Tips” very helpful

  17. David Shriver (store manager)

    I am very happy with the primer punch. Very well built. Installed and adjusted in less than 5 minutes. I can’t believe I ordered it on Tuesday and was delivered on the 6th to California. I will be recommending these to all my reloading friends. Thank you.

  18. Al G. (Verified Buyer)

    A very worthwhile addition to any reloader. Well made and easy to install and adjust for my Mec Sizemaster. I definitely see better crimps, which was the main reason for making my purchase. Fast shipping!!

  19. Larry (Verified Buyer)

    Easy to install and works great!

  20. Alan Humphries (Verified Buyer)

    great product i have 12,16,20& 28 gauge punches and love them wish i had known about them sooner

  21. Dave Howard (Verified Buyer)

    Outstanding OEM Punch replacement. Purchased the 12 ga. punch primarily for the primer pocket reconditioner to see if would make any difference and was totally blown away by the performance. No more poorly seated or loose primers. Perfect primer seating PERIOD !!
    Worked so well on the 12 ga. I purchased them for my 16 & 20 ga..
    Customer service with Rudy is also outstanding. Product quality and support far exceeds any companies I’ve been dealing with.
    You won’t regret purchasing any of the Creative Reloading Solutions products.
    100 percent satisfaction!!

  22. Robert Merkov (Verified Buyer)

    It’s a Christmas present so no review until the 26th. I’m pretty sure I’ll like it.

  23. Richard (Verified Buyer)

    I can’t believe how well this punch works. I reload 250 rounds and not one miss.

  24. Jeff Kelly (Verified Buyer)

    Works great need to make a 10 Ga.

  25. Gary Griesenauer (Verified Buyer)

    Works just like it says it is supposed to.

  26. Salvatore D. (Verified Buyer)

    Not only is this a great an innovative product the support from Rudy far exceeds any expectations. He literally stayed with me on FaceTime until a problem I was having got solved. Btw the problem was me not the punch. Lolol

  27. Gregory (Verified Buyer)

    Excellent purchase. It has made reloading my shot shells much easier and their overall function is more consistent.

  28. Mike Z. (store manager)

    Some nice 28 ga reloads thanks to the ultimate primer punch and the perfect crimp hull trimmer! And an upgrade to my machine!

    Image #1 from Mike Z.
  29. James Winn (Verified Buyer)

    I am 100% satisfied with the Punch as well as the customer service. I have a Mec 650 that was an one off different version than normal. I made a call to the company and was texted and called back by Rudy the founder of the company. Rudy was able to walk me through a modification that worked perfectly on my 650.
    I have been reloading for 40 plus years and this is the best customer service an knowledge that I have ever experienced. Thanks again Rudy for all the Help!

  30. William T. (Verified Buyer)

  31. James M. (Verified Buyer)

    Makes the depriving process very simple. Punch is well made . You tube video on installation and use is very helpful

  32. David Scobbie (Verified Buyer)

    Love this punch. Makes wad insertion effortless. Have 2 MEC’S and have this on both machines.

  33. Michael Knarr (Verified Buyer)

    I have recently purchased three of these punches. My 12 and 16 MEC punches installed and functioned easily. My .410 was a “cranky pants” getting it adjusted. Problem was my hulls, I try to get a maximum number of reloads from the little critters. I ran a batch of new hulls, no problem.
    Great product, nice addition to my loaders!

  34. Cyril R. (Verified Buyer)

  35. Daniel Logan (Verified Buyer)

    I hope I can find primers so I can put it to work. Again, manufacturing and finish of the tool is very good.

  36. Barron Thiessen (Verified Buyer)

    Works awesome every crip is factory

  37. Dennis Droege (Verified Buyer)

    There’s some real innovation at work here.

  38. Les Long (Verified Buyer)

    Solved all the issues with a older mec loader for 410

  39. Torsten (Verified Buyer)

    It’s a fantastic tool. A detailed video how to set up one function at a time. And how to perform the basic setup would be nice. But you can figure it out just watching what it does during recalibration.

  40. Scott Hagins (Verified Buyer)

    I have this punch installed on 2 9000’s and 2 Grabber’s. It makes a big difference in the wad insertion process. Hardly ever is there an issue with a wad not being seated correctly. This saves time cleaning up a mess!!! It just works great. I have also used the swager to load Euro hulls with Federal and Winchester primes with great success as well. Well worth the money!!!!!!

  41. Mike D. (Verified Buyer)

    Very happy with this item. Easy to install and everything promised as far as the operation.

  42. Chip (Verified Buyer)

    Rudy called me back to answer questions. Great products

  43. Tommy Gray (Verified Buyer)

    Very pleased with it. Solved my problem with primer pocket. Probably will buy one for my other loader.

  44. Pat English (Verified Buyer)

    Great Product and Fine people to deal with

  45. James L. (Verified Buyer)

    This works much better than the competition’s spin doctor in a drill press, because the hull mouth flare is consistent each & every time. I also don’t have to condition the hull mouth in a separate step. The punch also works exceptionally well when preceded by a quick pass thru the CR trimmer to square up the hull mouths.

  46. Anthony Havel (Verified Buyer)

    So far it seems to be what I was looking for, but have only used it on 50 Rio hulls to condition the hulls to use American primers and worked out very well. Look forward using this Ultimate punch on all of my other European straight wall hull with large primer openings. Thanks for this fine product.

  47. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    A great product that is well made. I’ve used it on several hundred shells and it has worked great and improved the look and quality of the final crimp and functionality of my reloader. Also it is very easy to use once you get it adjusted with the supplied instructions. I had to use some blue loctite on the primer attachment to get it to stay in place. Great product.

  48. Robert Steed (Verified Buyer)

    Perfect does exactly what you said it would do I probably will get one for my 12 and my 28 later thanks bob

  49. Mike M. (Verified Buyer)


  50. Ron W. (Verified Buyer)

    High quality product that works as stated. Delivery was next day! Based on this product I rate them as one of the highest rated company I ever felt with. Wish they had a larger selection of supplies and products I used. They would get all my business.

  51. Stoney Roberts (Verified Buyer)

    Works as advertised

  52. Peter (Verified Buyer)

    Fantastic quality products, clear communication, timely shipping. Would 100% recommend. Love this community and its vendors. Never an issue.

  53. Martin Yates (Verified Buyer)

    Arrived to day 7.6.22 better late than never. Really impressed with the quality. Every mec owner needs this. 100% better than the original. I strongly advise anybody to buy this you won’t regret it.

  54. Toppy Cohen (Verified Buyer)

    Only wish you would send more instructions on tip use and adjustments. Love how it works in facing the the shell.

    Image #1 from Toppy Cohen
  55. Stephen James (Verified Buyer)

    Solved the cocked wad problem I was having

  56. Thomas Phelps (Verified Buyer)

    Everything works exactly as expected. It’s easy to see that the primer pocket is being affected, but I haven’t yet shot any of these reloads in the 1100. I don’t know if the primer is really tighter or not. After I shoot some of these reloads I will report again. I can say that the flaring tool really makes the wad slip in easier. That part alone would make it worth the price.

  57. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

    Great product

  58. Joseph Powell (Verified Buyer)

    This tool is the greatest investment I have ever made. I have told all my trapshooting buddies about it. Once I got it setup I have no problems with BP specially wads hanging up. I highly recommend this product.
    Mike Powell

  59. Matthew R. (Verified Buyer)

    Fit perfectly on my MEC 9000. Even provides more room for my XL primer tray. Easily adjustable for proper hull swagging.

  60. Brian Wilkinson (Verified Buyer)

  61. Douglas Chastain (Verified Buyer)

  62. Todd Young (Verified Buyer)

    Over all not bad. The only change I would make is to place the “cleaning groove” lower on the die. It works well at cleaning what it does, but it could be better.

  63. Bruce Kifer (Verified Buyer)

  64. Scott F. (Verified Buyer)

    Works great. The adjustability is awesome.

  65. Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

  66. Robert Driver (Verified Buyer)

    I’m happy with it it does what they say it does customer service is great super fast shipping

  67. David Smalley (Verified Buyer)

    Very quick installation, shipment super fast and I’m foreseeing many years of enjoyable reloading!

    Image #1 from David Smalley
  68. Ryan M. (Verified Buyer)

    Fantastic, Just bought my second one.

  69. Glenn Elsasser (Verified Buyer)

    OMG, this is like night and day on my MEC 9000e w automate…don’t wait, get one today!!! my 9000 is running better than new, quiet, strong, smooth!!!

  70. Ken V. (Verified Buyer)

    I just started using the primer punch and so far I am impressed with the results.

  71. Steve (Verified Buyer)

    Did what I expected it to do

  72. Bill Bohler (Verified Buyer)

    Product does everything it is advertised to do. It is the perfect solution for any punch problem. I ordered one for my 28ga. MEC 9000e and am ordering the 12, 20 and 410 punches.

  73. William Tetro (Verified Buyer)

  74. Les C. (Verified Buyer)

    I ordered the MEC punch for my 28ga 9000GN. I received the punch quickly, installed it easily and it smoothed out my press significantly. Rudy has devised a quality product that works as described. I am a believer…highly recommended. Thanks

  75. Robert Mock (Verified Buyer)

    Great product! Works as advertised.

  76. Phil G. (Verified Buyer)

    This is the answer to primer pocket issues, as well as opening the mouth of the hull so the wad inserts easily. Stops primer leaks. Stops wad guide problems. Should come with every press. Quality machining.

  77. Gordon (Verified Buyer)

    The ultimate primer punch is on my MEC Sizemaster. It works great. I am reloading with it all the time. It’s a beautiful looking piece of hardware as well.

  78. Mike S. (store manager)

    Rudy, just tried the UPP on my Dillon 900 for 12 Ga. and let met tell you it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Tried Fiocchi, Rio and Noble hulls and it went flawlessly. Smooth and precise. Now I can load the foreign hulls that are so readily available on the range. Tried it on my Mec 9000 and the Spolar Gold with the same results. Have yet to try in on the PW 900 but this is set for 410 and might be awhile before I get to loading them. Thank you for a great and quality product. Keep up the fine work at Creative Reloading Solutions.

  79. William Kilkelly (Verified Buyer)

    The Very BEST coustomer service

  80. Joseph C. (Verified Buyer)

    I ordered the UPP for my older MEC Grabber 762R. Item shipped right away and was received in a few days. The UPP did not seem to fit properly in my press. I emailed CRS the in the evening and Rudy replied that night he’d call me in the morning with a quick fix. Rudy called me on my cell the next morning and explained how to install properly on the Grabber 762R. He took the time to review the details with me and also to provide advice on when to use the primer conditioning, etc. Well made product, great customer service!

    Image #1 from Joseph C.
  81. Fred Leonardi (Verified Buyer)

    I was delighted with the customer service as I had to call and chat with Rudy, because I had the old style MEC Grabber 762R, which call for the relocation of the jam nut on top, this punch works great for paper hulls, and plastic in cleaning out the hull and flaring the top, plus the repairing the primer pocket is a real plus, after I install the punch I took a photo to share with my fellow shooters. The one great thing also the primer tube does not catch on the mouth of the hull in position to be primed
    Great product, great customer service
    Fred Leonardi

  82. bryan sprague (Verified Buyer)

    This guy and his company have customer service right. Truly amazing the integrity and desire to please with a tool that’s full of common sense. Wish I figured it out 45 years ago when I really needed it most. Really Amazing!

  83. Theodore Olson (Verified Buyer)

    The best addition to a reloader, cases much better after going thru this device.

  84. Robert Y. (Verified Buyer)

    Works well.

  85. donald lewis (Verified Buyer)

    Amazing products ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Worth every penny! If you have a problem or question Rudy will get back to you ASAP or he will call you. Best of all everything is USA made.

  86. Byron (Verified Buyer)

  87. MSGT. Fred Leonardi (Verified Buyer)

    This punch is great for opening the mouth of plastic and paper hulls, especially paper that had been loaded more the once. Installation is really easy. Customer service
    from the company is second to none, a pleasure doing business

  88. EDWARD U. (Verified Buyer)

    Great Quality Product

  89. THOMAS GERVAIS (Verified Buyer)

    I purchased both the MEC 12 and 20 for my Sizemasters. They do exactly as advertised. I recommend this item.

    The most important for me was the resizing of the primer pocket on the Euro hulls to accept standard American primers. For some reason most of the reloading books use a mix of Euro and American primers in their Euro-hulls. It seems to me that the load testers never checked to see how loose American primers are in the Euro hulls. Not a good thing when you shoot an autoloader.

  90. Lee (store manager)

    So far your punch does everything you said it would, it has smoothed out my Mec 9000 operation, so that it is fun to reload and not a crash waiting to happen.

  91. Mel Cohon (Verified Buyer)

    Was having problems with my mec grabber crushing wads and resulting in beebees all over the floor of my reloading room.bought Rudy’s primer punch tool, installed it and it works great. Also great service…I emailed a question and got a phone call within a couples hours.

  92. Dave Strom (Verified Buyer)

    I admit to being a bit skeptical, but after using it, I’m sold! This is the single best add on/ upgrade a person can do for your reloader, and yourself! Thanks Rudy

  93. Shane (Verified Buyer)

    I purchased all 4 gauges for the soul purpose of being able to resize the primer pocket. With the primer shortage being able to use whatever primers are available switching from foreign to American is no longer a worry! No more looking to see what hull had what primer. And no more using the competitors punch and hammer method.

  94. Al Stern (Verified Buyer)

    This stuff is so far superior to the OEM MEC parts it replaces it isn’t even funny. Not only is it better quality it, it has much greater functionality. You know how people search for pre-1985 MEC steel parts? When these are no longer available people will be hunting these up the same way.

  95. John Wall (Verified Buyer)

    This really works. I bought one in 28 for the MEC to resize primer pockets in Eurotrash hulls to work with standard size primers. Does this perfectly, and also make wad insertion easier without collapsing the hull on tired brass. I have one in every gauge, and wonder what took me so long to try them.

  96. Paul (store manager)

    Just got done using the 28 gauge Ultimate Primer Punch in my MEC 9000 without a single problem. The wads just slide in with NO related crashes. My wife then shot over 200 rounds that functioned flawlessly. Nothing but smiles and a decent score to boot.
    Rudy, you did a heck of a job in resolving a key problem. I am totally satisfied with the results from the Ultimate Primer Punch. Now on to the MEC 9000 12 gauge press which has the same crash problems.
    Best Regards,

  97. Terry Wheet (store manager)

    I just finished reloading 10 boxes of 20 ga. Rem. shells and the new UPP punch worked great. I’m sure some of my reloading friends will be interested in ordering this product very soon. Thanks Rudy, GREAT PRODUCT. I will be ordering the 28 ga. as soon as it becomes available. Be safe everyone !

  98. Chris (store manager)

    Purchased thie. Ultimate Primer for 20 gauge mec grabber and was having issues installing , called Rudy no answer and then 5 minutes later Rudy called me back ! We FaceTimed and ran thru the install and tweaking in , this thing is the bomb and Rudy is a first class act !,
    Thank you

  99. Mattherrera (store manager)

    Purchased this punch and could not be happier. The flaring portion of this punch makes the wad go in much smoother. I have also noticed the primer seating much better after using this punch. Rudy offers amazing customer service and product support. Do not hesitate to purchase the UPP.

  100. Mike C (store manager)

    I received my UPP yesterday afternoon and reloaded 200 12ga.shells last night. Not a single problem. It’s an exceptional tool for reloading shot shells !!! I’ve already told several of my fellow reloaders about it.

  101. Douglas Glisson (store manager)

    Recently moved from a MEC to a Hornady 366. Imagine my joy when I found that I didn’t need to buy a new Ultimate Primer Punch because the one model fits both machines! Moved it to the 366 and now my hulls are getting that great prep, swage and flare I have come to love so much!

    Thanks again for making such a well built and well designed product!

  102. Bill Imboden (store manager)

    I have them in 12,28 & 410 mec. 9000. Best tool I ever used,money well spent.

  103. Gregg Kay (store manager)

    I have a Ponsness Warren 800 Plus. Rudy has now made an adapter for the 800 Plus to allow his primer punch to fit my machine. I installed it and it works great! I can highly recommend changing the stock primer punch for Rudy’s, it loads so much better. The primer pocket is re-conditioned, the case mouth is opened a little more and there is no more sticking or hanging up when the wad is inserted. And talk about customer service, Rudy was not sure his modifications were going to fit my PW so he sent it to me without even asking for money to make sure it would fit. It does. So if you have a Posness Warren 800 Plus you now have the option of using this primer punch, which you definitely should.

  104. Larry (store manager)

    Something wrong here…. Ordered on the afternoon of 12-26 and installed and working on my machine by noon 12-29 ….. I order lots of gun parts etc and service like this is basically unheard of………..
    Hardest part of installation was getting the old one off.
    I believe I have identified an issue though, seems that the hulls I have been throwing in my recycle bucket are now just great to reload???????? Now instead of a 20 year supply of hulls I have a 50 year supply……..gotta change my way of thinking I guess. I ran a bunch of STS with the “pinched” mouth through the machine.. They opened up just great.
    I resized a batch that had been loaded with the larger FIO primer… set the punch as described and now those hulls will provide a proper fit for Winchester, Federal and CCI primers…..
    Its a good and proper tool Rudy {hs# .


  105. Kevin Kehrwald (store manager)

    I just started reloading shot shells again after a 40 year hiatus; have been reloading metallic cartridges for some time now. The thought of reconditioning the shell throat and primer pocket just made sense so I ordered an Ultimate Primer Punch. Received the punch within a couple days and installed it on a Sizemaster I purchased used from an online classified ad site. I was having some issues getting things set up so I emailed Rudy for help. To my amazement, Rudy personally called me to offer suggestions. It turns out my problem was not even really related to the UPP but with Rudy’s help I’m now making some great looking shells. Exceptional customer service!

  106. Jim Soltis (store manager)

    5 out of 5
    Jim Soltis – July 17, 2018:

    This is a much better punch than the original factory punch. The shell are much easier to load and even look better.

  107. Jim Soltis (store manager)

    Just received a UPP 12 ga. Great improvement over the original factory de-primer. Every MEC should be equipped with this punch. Thank you Rudy for a great product.

  108. Bob (store manager)

    Shooting Instructor

    Joined: Wed Apr 14, 2004 12:11 pm
    Posts: 3109
    Location: Afton, VA
    I have not had a crash since I installed the UPP in my 20 ga 9000H. This morning I did run into a minor problem, one I’ve had when the MEC factory was installed, too. On a specific lot of hulls, the fired primer does not fall free from the pocket. I’ve made shims for the MEC depriming post in the past, but with the UPP the fix was easier. I just loosened the nut, turn the central shaft down a couple of turns, retightened the nut, and the fired primers fell free again. I like the adjustability of the UPP!


  109. Richard Krause (store manager)

    Purchased a UPP and hull trimmer hoping to improve the crimps my 3/4 oz 20 ga. Gun Club reloads. Both products were very well made and performed beyond my expectations. Customer service was outstanding.

  110. Douglas Glisson (store manager)

    Just recieved my UPP and got it all set up. I’m not sure what constitutes as a “crash” but I can tell you this. I get a lot more tactile feedback while decapping and swaging the primer pocket now and the adjustable flaring is definately a nice feature. I have had many wads get hung up in the past and it is pretty annoying. They sure aren’t hanging up now. The wads slides into the hull effortlessly. Is this an upgrade that everyone must have? Probably not, but I could be reloading on a Lee LoadAll too but i’m not becuse I want nicer tools than that. Install on my MEC Sizemaster was so simple I watched the video again because I was sure I must have missed something. I am definitely satisfied for the price that I got an excellent value and a tool that makes my reloading just that little bit more enjoyable. Buy one. You won’t regret it.

  111. Dave Mccoy (store manager)

    I reload for myself and my two grandkids. Between us, we shoot thousands of rounds a year. One of the things that bothers me the most is a shot spill from cocked wad or a wad catching the side of the hull and ripping it open. I’ve loaded about 1,000 shells since receiving the Ultimate Primer Punch and not one spill. The setup was really easy, if you have any mechanical ability at all and it’s function is fool proof.
    Thank you, Rudy, for a great product!

  112. Scott Huwalt (store manager)

    I have to say, I wish I had found the ultimate primer punch a year ago. I have been reloading shotshells for 2 years and the wad crash issue has plagued me from the start. I have told a few of my buddies about the punch. I have ran 2 flats and have not had one wad crash. I can also hear a faint pop sound that I never heard before. I believe it’s the swaging of the primer pocket. I also see better looking shells. I thought they were good before but they look even better now. In the past, I have tried shimming the stock mec punch lower, but couldn’t get it to work right. My machine seems smoother and just a touch easier to pull. I have actually been looking for another brand of press that is more robust (ponsness rcbs grand etc) but I will stick with my 9000 for a bit longer now. With the crash issue hopefully resolved I can watch those primers for dropping in station 2. Thanks for the replies and please continue to find ways to make reloading easier. So far I really like it.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year


  113. Lenny (store manager)

    Here’s the review I promised:

    I have been reloading 28ga AA HS’s on my MEC Grabber with a continual issue of crushing the hulls. Rudy at Creative Loading Solutions recommended the “Ultimate Primer Punch”. After a simple install on my reloader I was able to IMMEDIATELY produce perfect reloads. Not one single crash! Just a high quality tool that is extremely adjustable. MEC should put these on all their machine! Lenny

  114. Gary Moon (store manager)


  115. William Morris (store manager)

    This Ultimate Primer Punch is just plain awesome so easy to set up in my Mec Steelmaster. This works exactly like Rudy says it does in his video. Super high quality construction it will likely never wear out. The primer pocket conditioner is super handy on retightening the primer hole never have loose primers after seating perfect every time I have loaded a half of case through the new setup and I would never go back to the old primer de capper again. Best upgrade to do on any of the Mec reloading Machines. Highly recommend this to anyone that reloads shotgun hulls. The price is dirt cheap for what this does for your reloading time and quality!
    Thanks Rudy
    William Morris

  116. Kevin Sheen (store manager)

    The ultimate primer punch really does do everything that Rudy claims it will. When I was thinking about making the purchase I wondered if it would open the mouth much without splitting the crimp pedals. It does open it and no splits! Very well engineered and manufactured product.

  117. Clif Bice (store manager)

    Great tool!

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