The Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer

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– Easily trims hulls to an even desired length.
– Trimming Range 2.500 to 2.750  OAL
– Custom spacers for Parker Hull lengths
– Portable, Hand-Held, easy to use.
– Custom blade guard for safe handling.
– Anodized Finish
– Gauge color specific
– 3 Pack of Precision Crafted Trimmer Blades sold separately.
– Add a 3″ or 3.5″ extension pilot kit to your Hull Trimmer by clicking here
– Additional 5 pack of Hull Trimmer O-Rings can be purchased by clicking here

The Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer is an absolute must reloading tool if you are looking to trim your shotgun shells and get that perfect crimp every single time.  No more swirls or holes at the top when you use the Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer.

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– Easily trims hulls to an even desired length
– Trimming Range 2.500 to 2 3/4  OAL
– Custom spacers for Parker Hull lengths
– Portable, Hand-Held, easy to use
– Custom blade guard for safe handling
– Anodized Finish
– Gauge color specific

The Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer is an absolute must reloading tool if you are looking to trim your shotgun shells and get that perfect crimp every single time.  No more swirls or holes at the top when you use the Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer.



Reviews (196)

196 reviews for The Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer

  1. Verified Buyer

    Great product trims hulls very quickly

  2. Jack Wall

  3. Joseph S.

    Excellent tool that is made with high quality.

  4. Bryan

  5. Wayne D.

    Just awesome

  6. Brad Greenly

  7. Steve Decker

    20ga resizer work well and does very well on reloading and crimping. You need one.

  8. Denton S.

  9. James Prudente

    Excellent tool, extremely well made

  10. William Wood

    Easy to use and works great.

  11. Michael Kelly

    A very well made tool
    I see a situation with it. What happens when the rubber o- ring goes bad? That o- ring keeps the blade from moving from side to side.I believe it should modify for no O-ring. Making the piece that holds the blade in flat, with no need for a O-ring Also trimming hulls with a primer as opposed to no primer creates a different overall length
    I trim some of my hulls due to different factory (new ) lengths.

  12. Kevin Doran

    Excellent product easy to use

  13. Michael

    Well made
    Works as described

  14. Anonymous

  15. Steve S.

    This product works perfectly. It does exactly what you said it would. Thank you for a great product. I recommend it!

  16. John Wilson

    Best clumps in a long time

  17. Ronald

    This trimmer is easy to use and precisely trims hulls that produce consistent, correctly formed crimps.

  18. Ted

    very good quality

  19. Dave C

    Hi Rudy!
    Wanted to let you know I received the part today and everything is GREAT! I really like the tool, it will do the job for me now.
    Thank you for your assistance and super quick attention to my issue; product service doesn’t get any better!
    – Dave C

  20. Peter Thomas

    Wonderful tool for normalizing Cheddite hulls. Absolute top notch design and quality of workmanship in the build of this tool. It ain’t built right until it’s overbuilt, and this baby is flat out overbuilt—the best!

  21. Elane Tipton

    This is a handy trimmer for roll crimping my black powder shells for cowboy action. I like a shorter shell and it allows me to trim my hulls just where I want AND have a nice big handle to hold onto and not worry about slicing my hand on the blade. I’ve used another shell trimmer but this one is easiest on the hands and since blade isn’t rubbing against anything but hull, it won’t dull as quickly. Thank you!

  22. Robert Krystoff

    Outstanding machining and what a clever idea. Kudus for everyone involved in this tool production. Totally straightened out the crimps on my reloads. Thank you so much for this fine piece of equipment

  23. Anonymous

  24. anthony panichella

    Works great thanks

  25. Anonymous

    Works great for my Federal and Remington hulls. Unfortunately will not work for the 500+ Sellier and Bellot hulls I have.

  26. Patrick Streicher

    Trimmed last season’s Boss hulls, l was surprised how much they stretched. The trimmer worked great.

  27. Wayne B.

  28. Eugene Cunningham

    Works great! Cannot do without one when reloading

  29. Trevor Tuminello

    This is a serious must have tool for reloading shotshells. The design and quality are top notch. I have to admit I was very hesitant to pony up $85 for a tool just to trim a sliver of plastic off the top of hulls, but I got it and I’m glad I did. It does take some trial and error in getting the length just right. I have found that some hulls like to be shorter than other types. But, the tool is easily adjusted with the included shims. Just keep notes as to which shims to use for the different types/brands of hulls. It is a very precise tool and trims consistently no matter what hull is being trimmed. I even use it to trim 3″ hulls down to 2 ¾” hulls. Slug hulls that had a roll crimp can be tricky since they have a bit of a constriction, it’s a tight fit, but just make sure the trimmer makes it all the way in and it will get it done. It works best on once fired hulls. I’ve had hulls that had a wonky crimp after reloading and once that happens, it’s gonna have a wonky crimp every time. Sometimes trimming the hull will fix it but most of the time it doesn’t. That’s why the tool works best on once fired hulls. Trim before the first reload and those wonky crimps will be far and few between, provided the press is properly set up, and the stack height of the powder and wad are correct. I’ve been loading a lot of the Winchester Super-X hulls with 8mm steel head and 12mm steel head and I’ve been getting very good results after trimming them before the first reload. Before I got the trimmer I was lucky to get 3 out of 5 good crimps. Now I get 98 out of 100 good crimps from these bulk pack throw-away hulls that I find at the local shooting spots. I’m still in the “perfecting” and fine tuning stages but this tool has sure made life a lot easier.

    Image #1 from Trevor Tuminello
  30. Miles W. Klendworth

    Great product easy to use and accurate.

  31. David King

  32. Nathon Fiorenzo

    This thing is very well designed and built. Super east to assist and use. Works excellent.

  33. William Searing

  34. Ira Detra

    Works great

  35. Ernest T.

    Perfect crimp every time
    Look too good to shoot

  36. Dennis King

    This trimmer is AWESOME!! I was having trouble getting perfect crimps until I got this. You find what shims you need to get the length you want and start trimming. You will be very happy!!!

  37. Anonymous

  38. Anonymous

    Exceptionally well made tool. Definitely helped to improve crimps and make them more consistent.

  39. Mike spear

    As advertised

  40. STEVEN D.

    Works just as it should. Trim a little makes a big difference in that final crimp.

  41. STEVE


  42. Jim J.

    works great, didn’t know how bad my hulls were until i got this. now all my hulls are the same height and great looking crimps. i’m going to order a 20 ga soon.

  43. Jarrod S.

    Works great!

  44. Bryan Knoblauch

    Worked just as good as Rudy said it would watched a vidieo how to set it and the trimer done its job thanks so much for this excellent tool


    Ps happy reloading

  45. Bryan

    Excellent tool!!! Highly recommend

  46. Scott Wilson

    After using the tool for a week I am so glad I bought this. My reloads look so much better. One benefit I also found is that it opens up the opening of the hull more and the wads go in a lot easier.

  47. James Fell

    Very well made. Works perfectly!

  48. Rick Ashling

  49. Anonymous

  50. William Preuss

    This trimmer is very accurate and makes repeatable cuts. Thanks Rudy!

  51. Troy

    If you are having trouble with your crimps, this is the tool to fix it! I just started reloading and this had been a god send, thanks for making a great tool!

  52. Richard Hoppis

    Great Quality

  53. Troy Branham

    Works as advertised

  54. Tim Connaghan

    Well made and works greats. Got rid of swirls crimps so I don’t have to change press settings from one hull brand to another.

  55. Gerald

  56. Leslie McCracken

    They work as advertised. Very good product

  57. Thomas

    Very Well made and works better than I hoped it would.
    By uniform overall length I can have perfectly loaded shells without any maladies.

  58. Frank C.

    Trimmed 400 gun club hulls and loaded with only one adjustment. Awesome tool!!

  59. H.H. Prince Thomas

    Designed and fabricated very well. Trims hulls very easily. Customer Service in this shop is quick to reply and very proactive in its efforts.

  60. John G.

    Works amazing , I have the 20 and 12 gauge , they even customized mine a little

  61. William Campbell

  62. Ronald D.

  63. Billy Campbell

  64. Jack Vaughan

    Everything as advertised. took some playing with to get it right. When all was said and done if I used as Rudy shipped I would have been OK. Nice addition to reloading box. As always a pleasure to do business with.

  65. Gary C.

    Great Product…

  66. gary hansen

    easy to use and well built. customer service was beyond excellent. it’s so nice to do business with an old school person, things i grew up with and took for granted.thanks for everything.

  67. julio acevedo

    This tool is awesome I was looking for a hull trimmer and this tool did it I looked around viewing different brands and design I still came back to this because of the quality of the product and design thanks here is a link to my channel to see my thoughts of the tool great job

  68. Chris Mueller

  69. James S.

    Works just as the name says. Perfect crimp hull trimmer. Played with the shims a little and nailed it.

  70. Bryan D.

  71. Martin Schmidt

    Hello from Germany to all shooters and reloaders. I am very happy with this tool. All my reloads (Shot an Lymanslugs in wads) Look so much better, because of the casetrimming. All the hulls have the length, and If the machin is adjusted the shells came all out with a perfekt starcrimp. Sorry Form my english. Greetings Martin

    Image #1 from Martin Schmidt
  72. Lloyd M.

  73. Kevin

  74. Michael Weber

  75. Larry K.

    once you get it set to the gauge you are working on this thing works great. not sure how long the knife will stay sharp , but so far so good.
    i’m happy with it.

  76. Tim Holtz

    What a great tool. I went from having very inconsistent crimps to all uniform and perfect. Thank you for superb craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

  77. Michael K.

    I have a 12 and 16 gauge, works as advertised, is very useful on my older 16 gauge hulls where the mouth gets crispy and trimming makes them good for a few more reloads!

  78. Ernest T.

    Crimps are now perfectly uniform.
    A quality feel to the product with adjustability to suit your needs.

  79. Larry

    I never realized how much the hulls stretched. Now my crimps look great!

  80. steve b.

    Great service

  81. Dave Howard

    Purchased the 12 ga. hull trimmer about a year ago. Figure I’ve trimmed about 1000+ hulls and truly eliminated any issues with bad folds. Prior to this I had purchased several other brand name trimmers and even did a “homemade” rig when I became dissatisfied with them ….. all junk (yes, especially mine) in comparison to the CRS trimmer.
    Ease of use, adjustment and the comfortable fit in the hand have made this the perfect tool towards better loads for me. A “Must Have” for any serious shotshell loader.
    I also added the CRS 16 & 20 ga. trimmers to my reloading tools just this last month.
    Can’t say enough about the quality of the trimmers. Did see a review questioning the price. All I can say is these trimmers are quality tools that will easily be handed down over the years to other family reloaders. As I stated above, I purchased other trimmers and this is the only one made to last.
    Hope this review is helpful.

  82. Edgar

    I haven’t trimmed very many hulls with it yet. The few that I have, came out perfectly!

  83. Nicholas Schulze

  84. Richard Smith

    Super easy to use. Trims like a dream

  85. Anonymous

  86. Richard

  87. Craig D.

    Works great! Easy to use.

  88. Steve

    Well made and simple to use once you set the correct length to trim your hulls. Centering the pin in the spent primer is easier if you squeeze the top of the hull lightly while inserting the trimmer. Overall a useful tool for shotshell reloaders.

  89. Anonymous

  90. CHARLES M.

    Works great. Using it on 3 inch 410’s which can be fussy in general, but working fine.

  91. Lee Doughty

    I’ve trimmed about 400 28ga hulls so far. The trimmer works great and really helps the crimps look like they should.

  92. Steve

    Very well made and easy to use. Deciding what length to trim hulls to was the hardest part.

  93. Lon Lauber

    Well made, easybto adjust and works great!

  94. Mark Brown

    I have been using the trimmer since I purchased it in September. After using it on several hundred .410 hulls I still think it is a fantastic tool for reloading. I will be purchasing another reloader for 28 gauge and will be purchasing another for those hulls. The quality of their products are excellent!

  95. Mark

  96. Michael

    Excellent piece of equipment!

  97. Mike Z.

    Some nice 28 ga reloads thanks to the ultimate primer punch and the perfect crimp hull trimmer! And an upgrade to my machine!

    Image #1 from Mike Z.
  98. Robbie Allphin

  99. Anonymous

  100. Gilbert Deveau

  101. Marcus Mckinney

    Haven’t used product yet but the appearance and feel of craftsmanship the tool provided was more impressive than I expected. Can’t wait to use

  102. Terry Pinkas

    Well-built product thank you

  103. David Abbott

    This tool is much better than I anticipated. So well made and I sent the owner an email the day I received and could not believe that he replied that same night!!!!

  104. Anonymous

    Exceeded my expectations. Arrived quickly. Well made and works as described. Very happy with this product.

  105. Barry B.

    Yours is the only one to have. Works beautifully on the first try. A real nice piece of engineering and machining. Easy to see the love and care that went into this tool. With the added spacers supplied with tool, all lengths of hulls covered. Well thought out. Congrats!!

  106. Sam D.

    Great product. Works very well. I will recommend this to all my friends.

  107. Barron Thiessen

    Awesome Hull Trimmer works perfectly, factory crimp every time. Great people to deal with.

  108. joseph dietz

    Great product. Will be buying the 20ga model also.

  109. Carl Hartenburg

    Works great! Really like the way the crimps turn out after you trim them. Easy to use!!

  110. Mic Cutler

  111. Mark B.

    Excellent quality and makes a big difference

  112. Daniel Logan

    The reloading tool appears well made and when I get hull length specifications I’m sure it will work as advertised.

  113. phillip i.

    Great tool to improve your crimps

    Image #1 from phillip i.
  114. Les Long

    Have not used it yet

  115. Torsten

    What a great tool. It came set up perfectly for the Remington Gun Club that are plentiful at my club. It’s amazing how many of the once fired hulls need trimming to be uniform. Never saw anything come off my reloads, so it appears to really be a one-time effort but the crimps look fantastic for this extra step.

  116. Pat D.

    The hull trimmer works well once you find the primer hole, which sometimes take a little hunting. It would also be nice to know what an average hull length should be for the most popular brands.

  117. Julie B.

    Husband loved it! Trimmed his older STS and Gun Clubs right up. Said that his crimps on his MEC Grabber are the most uniform he has ever done.


    Works great, be careful just clean up the shells dont cut too much.

  119. Stephen Howe

  120. Berton Mark

  121. GEORGE M.

    Very well thought out solution to a problem that has been addressed by others. The difference here is unlike quite a few on line suppliers that have “how much can we make on it and it’s good enough” additude.

    Creative Reloading Solutions has used bedrock engineering principles that have fallen out of vogue. Here form followed function resulting in tool that made a tedious task as easy as possible.

  122. Bob P.

    Does a real good job of making ends even & shells the same length

  123. Justin Griffith

    My crimps weren’t very consistent on my hand loads. They come out perfect every time now. Adds another step but worth it for crimp control.

  124. Tim R.

    After trimming 12ga hulls they reloaded without a problem.

  125. Joel

    Works great! Crucial for 28ga AA HS. Hands get sore, but this is the only tool for the job. Online video showing how to disassemble is key to changing blades.

  126. Ron D.

    Excellent product that is well worth the money spent!

  127. Don McFarland

    Sometimes I have difficulty getting the tip to fit into the primer pocket. Other than that, it seems to be well constructed. Have used it on all my Nitro hulls and they look great after they go through my P/W.

  128. Louis Ebare

  129. Bill W.

    Great product and well made.

  130. James S.

    Amazingly it works pretty good. If you want bragging right for a better crimp this tool helps. Better crimp does not mean scores.

  131. JEFFREY

    Works very well. Improves the crimp

  132. Anonymous

    A great product that is well made. I’ve used it on several hundred shells and it has worked great and improved the look and quality of the final crimp. Also it is very easy to use once you get it adjusted with the supplied washers. I only wish I had ordered more of the razors because I’m sure I will be using this a bunch.

  133. Gregg A.

    High quality tool, that everyone who reloads shotgun should have. As Rudy mentioned in his video, AA hulls are usually pretty good, but this tool allowed me to square them up, and help me get that perfect crimp.
    Most importantly though, it improved the consistency of the crimp from shell to shell.

  134. Glenn Sowle

  135. Stanley


  137. Mike M.


  138. Scott

    superb tool whish I had this long ago helps make great crimps and its easy to use thanks

  139. Joseph rich

    I now have three of these trimmers one for 20 Ga,28Ga. and 410 Ga. They make my reloads look almost new.

  140. David Boles

    This is the real deal no more swirls in the crimps. Every crimp is the same. I have told my friends about this tool an how it works

  141. Peter

    Fantastic quality products, clear communication, timely shipping. Would 100% recommend. Love this community and its vendors. Never an issue.

  142. Ernest Dufresne

  143. Joseph rich

    Very well-made tool, does an excellent job and should last a long time. I have one for my 20Ga. and also for my 28Ga.

  144. Stoney R.

    Clean cuts, no fuss. excellent product

  145. Brian Wilkinson

  146. Mark R.

    Once you get the settings in, it works like a champ.

  147. Bruce

  148. Douglas Chastain

  149. Richard Musiello

  150. Todd Young

    It works exactly as advertised. Helped greatly with producing a factory looking crimp.

  151. Kevin McGrath

    Well made product. I need to adjust my crimp tighter based on a slight trim

  152. Charles Arno

    This tool does exactly what Rudy made it to do. If you want perfect crimps, you need to get one of these. Thanks CRS for a great product. I will be getting more of your inovative tools. Chuck

  153. Alonzo B.

    Super fast shipping and an amazing product. I will be buy more of your products.

  154. Robert Driver

    Great product, it makes trimming shells so easy compaired to others on the market

  155. William Huffman

    neatest little invention ever. Love it

  156. Angel Cruz

    Top quality construction and works as advertised. Great product.

  157. John M.

  158. Ryan Bird

  159. Edward Hlasney

    Would like a guide for trimming AA, Fiocchi

    Thanks for a fine product and calling back to help.
    Ed Hlasney

  160. Michael W.

    This is the product that fills the need for a very precise trimmer. The tool ‘headspaces’ on the expended primer whose length can vary widely. I set about measuring spent primers selecting a group with a consistent length plus or minus 1/100 of a millimeter in order to get some very precise hull lengths. Worth it? Maybe. It might also be an idea for another new product.

  161. Richard Burns

    Works as advertised, love the results I’ve been getting.
    Well made and easy to use.
    Don’t let the price stop you , life time tool.
    Made in USA.

  162. David Sotkowy

    A very well made, quality device. Works great, my 410 crimps are all consistent now that the hulls are all the same length, even different makes. The same can be said of my 12ga hulls now. Very pleased and impressed with my purchase. I highly recommend the trimmer for whatever gauge you reload for.

  163. Donald

    Very nicely made

  164. John

  165. William Kilkelly

    Well made customer service 10 out of 10

  166. Timothy Catellier

    Fantastic product Fantastic people THANK YOU

  167. Ryan Bird

  168. Gerald Cavanaugh

    Does exactly what it was designed to do. If you want to trim your hulls then this is the tool to have.

  169. Theodore Olson

    Works well.

  170. Buddy Wilson

    I now get the perfect crimp

  171. Enoch

    The machining is almost a work of art. However, I bought the piece to primarialy cut down hulls to make mini’s with a roll crimp. At initial purchase, I didn’t see the fine print about asking for some special treatment for mini’s. After I received the tool I sent a note to you folks and you promptly replied with a 90% solution. In the solution, the cone shaped piece at the base of the central tube, next to the cutter, is eleminated. That makes for a less than exact case cut. Seems like a better solution is at hand. I can make it work, I am not unhappy, just suggesting that something better should be afoot.

  172. Dennis Manske

  173. Randy S.

    It is a great product wish there was more info on it like different primer height to get the shells to the length you desire. Bought it for the manufacturer of my waterfowl loads.

  174. Neil T.

    have 12 ga and now the 28 ga love them

  175. Gordy Jack

    Works great !

  176. Robert Y.

    I appreciated the help I received via email prior to my purchase.

  177. Loren Immken

    Very happy with this product built to last

  178. GARY

    Well built and works as advertised.Great tool!!

  179. Nathan Hadfield

    Great device. Just trimmed 600 hulls and every hull crimped exactly the same….perfect. Highly recommend this product.

  180. EDWARD U.

    Works like a charm – perfect name.

  181. Byron

    Great device! High quality& easy to use. I am getting perfect crimps since using the hull trimmer.

  182. Rob Boyer

    I now have 20 gauge 28 gauge and 410 I really love shooting my sub gauges and this tool makes all the shells look like factory now on my
    P/W 800+ I made a adapter to hook the tool to my RCVS Brass Boss it will turn very slow works perfect

  183. Rob Boyer

    I now have 3 of them 20 gauge
    28 gauge and 410 I really love shooting my sub gauges and this tool makes all the shells look like factory now on my
    P/W 800+ I made a adapter to hook the tool to my RCVS Brass Boss it will turn very slow works perfect

  184. Kenneth Earp

    I would give it a 10 star rating if I could. In one of your videos you suggested trimming down to approximately 6.90 inches. I didn’t view that video until after I had adjusted the trimmer. No worries. Coincidentally I adjusted down to approximately 2.690″ to 2.700″. Just enough to trim a sliver off the top of the shortest hull I grabbed out of 10 hulls I measured. The PW 800 Plus I use is a great reloader. You have made it better with your products.

    Great service and great products.

  185. andy

    the hull trimmer is incredibly well-made and does exactly what it is supposed to do, quickly and effortlessly. highly recommended!

  186. Jimmymc95337

    I have the case trimmer and the primer punch for 12 gauge. Definitely recommend!

  187. Robert Gulley

    Everyone that reloads shotgun hulls should have this, make crimping a lot easier. Glad I got one. Been telling other people who reload about this tool.

  188. Mutant Actual

    This little tool has saved me much time grief and aggravation. CRS has put together one of the most useful prep tools I have ever used in 30+ years of reloading and I wished I would have found this sooner. Rudy is a great guy and went above and beyond in creating another satisfied customer. Cheers Rudy.

  189. Withthewind03

    I got my Perfect Crimp Handy trimmer and ran about a dozen hulls through it. It was slick as a whistle. I made a small adjustment to the cam but after that everything was perfect! I use to have swirls and holes in my crimp but not anymore. LOVE IT !!!

  190. Frank

    extremely well made, adjustable, cuts perfectly flush. will last for years. thanks much Rudy.

  191. R. Mueller

    6 Stars?!

    Seriously, what a great tool. No more swirls or holes from uneven factory hull length. Perfect 12ga crimps every time. If my wife decides she wants to shoot 20ga, I’ll be buying the primer punch and trimmer as a set!

  192. William Brown

    This is an excellent design for a hull trimmer and will make you crimps turn out as he shows you in the video, this is worth the money.

  193. Michael Reamy

    I love precision tools! Thank you, Rudy, for the Handy Trimmer. Fellow shotshell reloaders, don’t waste your time with anything else, I have, and I would have been dollars ahead had I done my research and found the Handy Trimmer!

  194. Jim Soltis

    Great tool. I use this on every once-fired shell. The plastic shell stretches as you fire and reload it. This tool trims that extra bit of plastic and allows the further use of the shell and you still get a factory-like crimp. Makes reloading my shot shells easier and smoother too.

  195. Richard Krause

    I ordered a 20 gauge trimmer to cut Gun Club hulls to a consistent length for producing good crimps with 3/4 oz loads. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The workmanship on the trimmer is excellent and it does what it was designed to do extremely well. Customer service was outstanding!

  196. William Morris

    Rudy has designed another winner with the high quality Perfect Crimp Handy Trimmer for shotgun hulls. I can’t stress enough how much easier crimping is after trimming all hulls the same length. Easy to adjust for 2 3/4 and 3 inch hulls. No more crimps with spirals or crimps with hole left in center of the crimp. All the loaded shells have the same perfect crimp. Anyone who reloads for there shotguns should have one you won’t believe how much better your crimps are it’s amazing. I highly recommend this product!!!
    Thanks Rudy
    William Morris

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