Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my order be delivered internationally?
    Yes.  We currently provide international shipping.  The shipping fee on a standard international order is typically around $25 USD.
  2. How do you know if I need a straight or threaded Ultimate Knockout?
    Remove the resize tube. If the resize tube screws up into the machine, the knockout is a straight.  If the resize tube screws onto the knockout itself, then it is threaded.
  3. I filled everything out, why will my order not go through?
    Make sure you are filling out the Reloader Machine Information. This helps us make sure the correct product is shipped to you.

  4. Will the Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer trim 3” shells?
    Yes, for a small fee we can modify your trimmer to trim 3” shells.

  5. Why doesn’t the MEC 650 Punch have a flare on it?
    The 650 is not high enough and there is not enough room.

  6. I have the Ultimate Primer Punch installed, but why is the tip hitting my shells?
    You will need to lower the shell holder in the collet resizer on your reloading machine.

  7. Will the Ultimate Primer Punch tighten up the primer pockets after using European primers?
    Yes it absolutely will.

  8. How short should I trim my shells?
    Not very much, you only want to square up the stretched part at the top of the shell.

  9. How many times do I need to trim my shells?
    Only one time after the first shot.

  10. Will the Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer trim mini shells?
    Yes, for a small fee we can modify your trimmer for mini’s.

  11. Can the Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer make a roll crimp cut?
    Yes, but you will need to purchase the shortcut trimmer head.

  12. Does the Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer come with extra blades?
    No, A three pack of precision crafted trimmer blades are available for purchase on the website.

  13. How long should I set the flare on my Ultimate Primer Punch?
    Less is more. If the wad is dropping in easy, don’t over adjust the flare.

  14. How low should I set the Ultimate Primer Punch with the primer pocket conditioner?
    Run the punch down until the spent primer pops free at a full stroke. Lock the Ultimate Primer Punch down there.

  15. How tight should I make the Ultimate Primer Punch?
    DO NOT over tighten the 3/4 nut. You will twist the adapter in half with too much pressure.

  16. Is the Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer hard to adjust?
    No it isn’t. Remove the bottom pilot, then add or remove shims to the height that you would like.

  17. Can the Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer be used on live primers?
    Yes it can. The roll pin guide on the bottom of the trimmer needs to be pulled out to trim live primer shells.  Make sure to reinsert the roll pin once you are finished or it will cause excessive wear on the aluminum pilot tip.

  18. Can I put my trimmer in a drill press?
    NO! We do not recommend using the Perfect Crimp Hull Trimmer in a drill press, ever!

  19. What are 3 benefits of buying The Ultimate Primer Punch?
    More consistent ammo, Easy wad insertion, Tight primer pockets.

  20. How long will the Ultimate Primer Punch last?
    As long as you own your reloading machine…and then some.

  21. Where are your products made?
    All of our products are made in the USA.

  22. What is your return policy? 

    You can find our return policy here.  We stand behind our products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your products, we offer a full refund less shipping.  The products must be able to be resold and are subject to a restocking fee.  Send us an email to, or send us a message using our contact feature at the top right-hand corner of this page.  We’ll always do our best to take care of you.  100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

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